The Elusive De Brazza Monkey

The Mathews Range and Forest is home to a plethora of animals, birds, flora and fauna. Amongst all these bright and beautiful creatures is the elusive De Brazza monkey! They are indigenous to the Mathews Range, but extremely shy, making them especially difficult to spot against the camouflage of the forest hues and thick top tree canopies.


With over 222,000 acres to call home, it makes it even more difficult to spot these rare monkies. A number of remote research camps and the Museums of Kenya have spent time monitoring and surveying various De Brazza troops in the depths of this forest, giving us a helping hand as to where we could potentially get a chance to spot these monkies.


The De Brazza, named after the Italian – French explore who first identified them, are large and similar to a Sykes in size and build, but more striking with a tuft of red fur on their forehead. Mostly found on the central areas of the forest, spending most of their time up in the trees. Apparently, they are also very good swimmers!


Guests who stay at Kitich can have the chance to head deep into the forest to try (very hard) to get a glimpse! Not for the faint hearted…it’s a real fly-camping adventure! Four hours from camp, up and over some very exhilarating terrain, you’ll arrive at your very comfortable fly-camp, enjoy dinner under the stars and sharing stories around the campfire. Early the next morning, set off into the forest…The whole experience of walking amongst tall trees in a rocky riverine habitat trying to search for these elusive De Brazza and eventually – after a few hours – finding them, makes the whole experience worth it! However, unfortunately no photos of the monkey as they are very difficult to spot!


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