New Addition to the Kitich Team!

A big welcome to Katie Mclean, a qualified Africa Yoga Project instructor joins us from 20th July to 28th September.

Born and bred in Kenya, Katie will be working alongside Kitich manager Tiz Allegretti, Katie will be on hand to share her yoga knowledge, conduct daily classes and help stretch out any stiff muscles from the walks.


Katie completed her Yoga Training with the Africa Yoga Project (AYP). Katie focuses primarily on Baptiste Yoga which is Power Vinyasa.

In the forest (17).jpg

Katie completed her Yoga Training with the Africa Yoga Project (AYP). Katie focuses primarily on Baptiste Yoga which is Power Vinyas

M I N D F U L N E S S, C L O S E T O N A T U R E &

4 nights, 4 days of yoga and calming walks surrounded by pristine forests, birdsong and peace and quiet!

Journey to the Mathews, Kitich Forest Camp.
Sunset Forest Yoga
Sunrise Yoga over looking the glade.
Mid-morning walk through the forest.
Cool off in the natural spring waters.
Sunset Yoga overlooking a crystal clear stream
Cleanse & Mindfulness. Walks and Yoga
Mountain Yoga


Other News

We Have Quad Bikes!

As Kitich reopens after the rains, we wanted to share with you a couple of reasons why a Kitich Safari should definitely be on your bucketlist and other exciting Kitich news!

  • The Mathews Mountain Range and the Mathews Forest is one of the last untouched wildernesses of Kenya.

  • A safari to Kitich Forest Camp is like stepping back in time...its the old safari. Its an adventure, it’s a slow safari.

  • Its not about getting anywhere quickly, or even being connected.. it's about being in pristine wilderness, surrounded by nothing but nature and walking with elephants.

  • Kitich is an old style safari camp, it’s the original classic safari camp...that so many across the African continent have tried to emulate.

Camp (4).jpg

We are also introducing 5 BRAND NEW QUAD BIKES. A fun addition to activities at Kitich, guests can now explore further afield, deep into the Mathews Range, down the Murit Pass to Reteti Elephant Sanctuary (road permitting) or up along sandy luggas. 


We have also reduced our airstrip transfer rates to $150 PER VEHICLE EACH WAY. The drive up to camp, is such an adventure and a beautiful drive across the top of Samburuland through some incredible areas, scenery and small colourful Samburu villages.

We hope to see you at Kitich soon!


Other News

The Elusive De Brazza Monkey

The Mathews Range and Forest is home to a plethora of animals, birds, flora and fauna. Amongst all these bright and beautiful creatures is the elusive De Brazza monkey! They are indigenous to the Mathews Range, but extremely shy, making them especially difficult to spot against the camouflage of the forest hues and thick top tree canopies.


With over 222,000 acres to call home, it makes it even more difficult to spot these rare monkies. A number of remote research camps and the Museums of Kenya have spent time monitoring and surveying various De Brazza troops in the depths of this forest, giving us a helping hand as to where we could potentially get a chance to spot these monkies.


The De Brazza, named after the Italian – French explore who first identified them, are large and similar to a Sykes in size and build, but more striking with a tuft of red fur on their forehead. Mostly found on the central areas of the forest, spending most of their time up in the trees. Apparently, they are also very good swimmers!


Guests who stay at Kitich can have the chance to head deep into the forest to try (very hard) to get a glimpse! Not for the faint hearted…it’s a real fly-camping adventure! Four hours from camp, up and over some very exhilarating terrain, you’ll arrive at your very comfortable fly-camp, enjoy dinner under the stars and sharing stories around the campfire. Early the next morning, set off into the forest…The whole experience of walking amongst tall trees in a rocky riverine habitat trying to search for these elusive De Brazza and eventually – after a few hours – finding them, makes the whole experience worth it! However, unfortunately no photos of the monkey as they are very difficult to spot!


Other News

Surrounded by Elephants!

A busy Christmas season kept all at camp on their toes, many fantastic walks were had and festive sundowners too!


So far this year, our giant elephant neighbours still come down from the forest to visit us in the glade below camp… but this year has bought some new guests, with lions and hyena spotted nearby camp!


Wild dogs are all around, many a evening, we are put to sleep by the fading echoes of howling wild dogs. The surrounding trails have been full of tracks but seeing these elusive species in the dense forest vegetation is challenging! Large herds of buffalo seem to be moving in the area and have been seen from camp.


The guided walks through the magical forest continue to provide much excitement with close elephant encounters and beautiful flora and fauna!  If surrounded by elephants day and night, getting up close and personal with them sounds like your sort of fun…Kitich is the place for you!!


Other News

Forest, Flowers and Fishing…

With the onset of the short rains, Kitich Forest Camp is living up to its name, with flowers blooming, fresh water fish fishing and lots of forest fun!


Beautiful wild flowers are sprouting, adding vibrant pops of colours through the forest floors and canopy. As the Crotons and Grewia flowers start to bloom, the glorious butterflies come out too, it’s believed The Mathews Mountains has approximately 15% of the total Kenyan butterfly fauna!


Catch of the day! With pristine, crystal clear natural spring water flowing through the forest rivers, it’s a fisherman’s paradise…the tranquility of the surrounding forest is blissful…just another adventure one can do at Kitich!


Other News

Bush Bathrooms


As always we like to keep busy in camp! We are happy to announce we have recently finished our latest ‘camp’ project.

After experiencing a slight upgrade, all six tents have now been fitted with flush toilets in their bathrooms. However, we still have our fabulous, ‘al fresco’ safari showers.


Other News

Sneak peak into life at Kitich

We recently had two of the brilliant Nomad magazine team up here at Kitich. On an epic road trip assignment from Nairobi to various locations in Samburu and then over to Laikipia, they documented this road safari through their various social media platforms!

We thought their Youtube video was a fantastic sneak peak into the journey up to camp, camp life and the exploring the ancient forests that surround out little camp.

Check it out below. Karibu Kitich!


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